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Keith Wyche

Opens the door to your greatest potential

Zig Zigler used to say he'd see you at the top. But he didn't tell you what you'd find when you got there. That's where CEO and bestselling author Keith Wyche comes in.

If you are serious about advancing your career and you want to make it to the top, Good Is Not Enough. And, when you get there, you will find that the rules are different in the C-suite because what got you there is not enough to maintain your success in the upper echelons of corporate life. Criticism is more intense. Reputation is everything. The perception gap widens. Your values will be put to the test. You will need to work with, rely on, and lead your team in a much different fashion. 

Keith Wyche  is a results-driven CEO who has spent 30 years working his way up and leading such companies as Ameritech, AT&T, Pitney Bowes, IBM and SuperValu. Through his books and his entertaining and no-nonsense keynote presentations, Keith outlines the (previously) unspoken rules that every employee, regardless of title, salary level, or years of experience, needs to know if they aspire to fulfilling their greatest career goals.

“A very inspirational session.  Participants were engaged from the start to the end.”





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Keith provides added value to his engagements. Here is an example of an interview taped before his recent Grainger event that is now being share throughout the company.

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Keith delivers experience and insight for today's corporate executive...

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“Keith is a very dynamic speaker and his topics were completely relevant to our work.”  Director of HR, Kraft Foods  

“Keith was clear, candid and exceeded all expectations...compliments have been pouring in!” Harvard Business School

“Thank you for the excellent presentation.” Northrop Grumman Corporation   

“This is one of the best workshops I have attended. Please come again Keith. You kept it real, gave us food for thought and made me understand how to get ahead. Brilliant session!!!!!” National Black MBA Association  

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