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Savoy Top 100 - Keith R. Wyche
New York Post, in the @ work section, interview with Brian Moore
Full Circle New York: Book Review
Want to Earn a Man's Salary? Negotiate Like Him | BlakNewz talked with Keith Wyche, career coach, Cub Foods president and author of Good is Not Enough, doing just that, taking a page from men's negotiation books to get the compensation you deserve in the workplace...


KeithWyche My AA 4890 flight landed in PHL over an hour ago, unloaded my bags and lost them. Just got them after complaining.…
KeithWyche @dominos So after calling AGAIN, the Manager offers to refund my money! After 2 hours? I dont want a refund, I want a pizza!!!!!
KeithWyche @dominos Wrong pizza delivered in 30 minutes, still waiting on the right pizza! if this is too hard call @Papajohns
KeithWyche @dominos Indy, i ordered ONLINE! You called when you delivered the WRONG pizza, but now someone else answers my cell? 2 hours still no pizza
KeithWyche Really @dominos downtown Indy! You deliver wrong pizza, 50 minutes later still no pizza? Then told you called my cell and no answer?

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