"I met Keith in 1997 and he was always focusing me on succeeding, despite the obstacles. Keith’s coaching allowed me to develop skill sets that enabled me to rise from an Account Executive to a Business Sales Director of a major wireless carrier.   Unfortunately, I had to retire in 2004 for health reasons......but much of Keith’s philosophy on perseverance; determination and not to giving up I still carry to this day. Keith thanks for being a great mentor and my friend."   

Gamaliel (Sonny) Ferguson
Business Sales Director (Retired)

Cleveland, OH

KeithWyche My AA 4890 flight landed in PHL over an hour ago, unloaded my bags and lost them. Just got them after complaining.…
KeithWyche @dominos So after calling AGAIN, the Manager offers to refund my money! After 2 hours? I dont want a refund, I want a pizza!!!!!
KeithWyche @dominos Wrong pizza delivered in 30 minutes, still waiting on the right pizza! if this is too hard call @Papajohns
KeithWyche @dominos Indy, i ordered ONLINE! You called when you delivered the WRONG pizza, but now someone else answers my cell? 2 hours still no pizza
KeithWyche Really @dominos downtown Indy! You deliver wrong pizza, 50 minutes later still no pizza? Then told you called my cell and no answer?

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