Embrace Change…..Or Else!


I am amazed at how quickly things seem to change. What’s “in” today, can be old news tomorrow. Ironically, most people are change resistant. We find a certain degree of comfort in routine, in knowing that what is today, will be tomorrow. This is true in our careers, our relationships and our businesses. The truth of the matter is, we are all in a state of constant change. People change, relationships change, jobs change, and industries change. So the question is, how do we best deal with change?

In the 80′s a company called Wang was the leading manufacturer of word processing equipment. They saw the advent of the PC and word processing software, but determined that no software package could replace their machine. Have you seen anyone with a Wang business card lately? No, the company is only a memory. As a child, I would often spend hours playing arcade pinball games in the mall. A roll of quarters and I was the “pinball wizard” for an afternoon. Around the time I was leaving high school, this game system call Atari was being sold in stores. Kids could take it home, plug into a TV and play whenever they wanted from the comfort of their bedroom. Arcade game manufacturers didn’t think that kids would ever want to spend hours at home, playing games on a TV or computer!

These businesses, and in some cases industries vanished, due to not adapting to change. Well, you are the CEO of a company called Y.O.U. Everyday change is happening around you. New technologies are being introduced, new ideas are being shared, new roles are being created. How are you reacting? New roles require new skills. Higher level positions require new ways of thinking, new ways of leveraging ideas, technology and human capital.

You may have been successful up until now. Your past skills or degree may have gotten you this far. But as Marshall Goldsmith warns, “what got you here, won’t get you there”. Look for ways to embrace change! Dedicate time each day to read meaningful information (Wall Street Journal, Industry Publications, etc.). Enhance your skills by taking a class online. Attempt to read at least four new business or self help books a year. Will this take time? Yes! Will it require dedication? Absolutely! Today’s leading edge companies invest heavily in R&D……Research and Development! This allows them to proactively embrace change. As CEO of a company called Y.O.U. how much are you investing in R&D?

Change is coming. Embrace it…..or else!