Five Ways Executives Ruin Their Reputations


Reputation is something every leader possesses. In fact, many executives feel that in a leadership role, your best asset is your reputation. Further, a good leader understands the importance of maintaining a healthy repute, as it is an integral part of your professional career. Still, there are many executives who choose to engage in activities that demoralize their character, subsequently ruining their reputation overall. Some of these activities include:

1. Engaging in inappropriate relationships. 

Office relationships can become problematic.Fraternizing with an employee can lead to concerns surrounding the idea of favoritism. Additionally, some may view it as a sign of poor judgment and an inability to honor commitment.

2. Being indiscreet in casual conversations.

Be careful to whom you disclose information to. Sharing company business or talking about colleagues, especially in a negative light will tarnish your reputation quickly due to your lack of discretion and respect for the company.

3. Displaying unbecoming behavior.

Executives who engage in belligerent and foul language, aggressive driving, excessive alcohol consumption, appear sloppily dressed , and spend time in less than ideal places, such as bars and strip clubs, subject themselves to a career-lifetime of scrutiny where values are questioned.

4. Joining associations inconsistent with your organization’s values. 

When you associate yourself with clubs that go against your company’s principles by excluding others based on gender, race, and ethnic background, you run the risk of being viewed as a leader who doesn’t uphold company standards.

5. Using social media unwisely. 

How an executive uses social media is extremely important. Do not make the mistake of trying to live two separate lives online. When you reach this point in your career, your personal and professional lives are intertwined. It may be necessary to have professionals help you navigate different social media platforms in a way that will benefit you—and cater to what you stand for.

As a leader you must always be mindful that what you say and do greatly influences the perceptions of others. In the event that your character has been compromised, there are ways you can get it back. Find out How To Repair Your Damaged Reputation.