It's Not About "Luck"


As an executive coach I speak to people all the time about their career plans and aspirations. I am always encouraged that most individuals I speak with are serious about their careers. They have goals to earn more money, buy a better home or automobile, and generally provide a better quality of life for them and their families.

Many times the discussion turns to how others have been more “lucky” at getting that promotion, raise or opportunity than they did. To these individuals, they mistakenly assume that “luck” is the only factor that determines success and who has a bright future. But in my experience, people create their own “luck” by being ready when that promotion or opportunity presents itself.

The reality is, to get that job, promotion or raise, you must be a continuous learner. With such a fast paced, high tech world, you have to keep your skills current to remain relevant. You may have to learn a new skill, take a new course to expand your knowledge base, or earn that degree to better position you for success. The future is coming fast and furious. It will bring with it promotions, raises, and opportunities…..but only for those who create their own luck, by being ready!