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Leading To Develop Other Leaders

I’ve said this many times before, successful organizations are successful because they have strong leadership. A true leader understands that in order for a business to sustain prosperity, one must take the time to cultivate its next set of leaders. However, most fail in doing so simply because they are more concerned with the training process that they overlook the importance of developing the individual as a whole. While training is still very much an important aspect to the best practices of an organization, development is what will enrich the culture. So to help develop your future leaders of tomorrow, you should:

Present a teachable point of view. 

Great leaders are also great teachers. They bring out the best in others by leading by example, and a teachable point of view is one way to do so. It is the foundation from which a leader’s perspective on what it takes to succeed is formed. Simply put, it is an executive’s approach to leadership and brings clarity to where an organization is going, and an understanding of how to get there.

Create a comprehensive in-house leadership program. 

Your company should institute an inclusive and diversified system that assesses and selects potential candidates for leadership positions. This should include programs that nurture and develop skills, as well as a way to measure the feat (or failure) of these platforms.

Rotate people through different jobs. 

The best way to learn is through experience. Expose your employees to different roles throughout the company. Not only will that challenge them in different areas, but they’ll gain a new perspective in the process; additionally taking potential leaders out of their comfort zones and pushing them past their skill level. Valuable lessons are also learned and through failure, an elevated level of confidence is attained.

Rotate leadership in meetings. 

Give them a chance to lead. With your support of course, sit back and observe. Let staff suggest ideas and encourage problem-solving and solutions. The same applies to interdepartmental meetings. Select a few employees to represent your department with the responsibility of reporting back all activities. Then, seek feedback and address concerns accordingly.

Set up mentoring programs. 

Mentorship plays a significant role in helping others reach their peak performance. A mentor can provide your staff with indispensable knowledge and the necessary attention needed to help take their career to the next level. Remember, No one breaks through the glass ceiling alone. Someone on the other side must reach back and pull them through.