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Maintaining Employee Happiness

You’ve heard the saying before, “happy wife, happy life.” Well this timeworn concept not only applies to the home front, but to the office as well. It’s really quite simple; when your employees are fulfilled the entire company reaps the benefits. It creates a positive work environment which contributes to the overall culture of the company, resulting in the organization’s success.

Employees who find joy in working each day are more engaged and connected to their jobs. A culture comprised of unhappy workers is detrimental to an organization. Therefore, it is your job as a leader to maintain a happy work space. So, on the heels of the second annual International Day of Happiness, here are a few suggestions to consider when it comes to your employees:

1. Treat Employees with Respect—Personnel on every level need to feel like they are bringing something to the table. By treating your staff with respect says that you value them as assets to the company. Subsequently, they become more concerned with helping the organization reach its intended level of success.

2. Trust the People You’ve Hired—Give employees opportunities to shine by allowing them to take on projects and responsibilities without second-guessing or demeaning their abilities. Trust that you’ve hired the right people; then set the strategy, define the goal, and get out of the way!

3. Clearly Communicate Your Vision—When your employees understand the company’s overall vision and goals, they become more aware of their roles and the position they play in the company. Lack of clarity or the feeling of confusion will only frustrate your employees more.

4. Give Feedback—Like I always say, “feedback is a gift.” In fact, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Not only will constructive feedback motivate employees to perform better, but one can also learn from their mistakes resulting in an increased willingness to learn.

5. Gratitude Goes A Long Way—Last, but certainly not least, show your employees how much you appreciate them.  Leaders are human beings too; it’s okay to express your feelings of gratitude.  When you let workers know you care, the appreciation will begin to emanate through work performance.

Just remember, happy employees lead to a happy business,thus resulting in an even happier boss!