The Leader You Will be Tomorrow is Not the Leader You Are Today!


Meaning: Great leaders are on a “leadership journey.” They learn, grow, evolve, develop and find new ways to lead in an ever-evolving business environment. While the oft-heard expression, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” may subtly tempt us to opt out of active learning, we have an enormous capacity to change and develop. Becoming a better leader tomorrow means proactively striving to do so today.

Idea for Action: While it may seem tough to find time to be intentional about learning, we know practice makes perfect for leadership effectiveness, just as it does for anything worth doing well. Every day we have the chance to learn, if we just take it. Look at the events, interactions, conversations and meetings you will encounter in the next week. How can you tackle them in a new way, rather than just relying on what may have worked (or not) in the past?

Consider creating a meaningful and compelling leadership development plan, focused on one or two areas for growth. Base one of the areas on a strength and find new ways to use it; make the second area something outside your “comfort zone” to help you stretch and grow. Write down and share your goals to increase your likelihood of success. One leader we know keeps a journal of what she has leaned and how she will apply it in the future. 

You can advance your leadership journey by making your learning intentional and opportunistic. Here’s to the leader you will be tomorrow!